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Permaculture Kernow's First Online
Full Permaculture Design Course

  11 modular days, including:

·      over 72 hours of online lessons 

·      over 25 hours of offline self-study practical learning program for each module. 

·      a free e-book for each module. 

Upon completion of this course you will receive the internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate.   

You can either book onto single modules, or purchase one of our multiple day deals 
If you are intending to only come to individual sessions we highly recommend that you at least attend the first module Introduction to Permaculture before attending any other modules.
For more information and to book onto any of the other individual modules please visit our Shop.        

May 2020
June 2020
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Making a change person by person and garden by garden.

Permaculture Kernow is a newly formed Association with a mission to educate individuals on the regeneration of natural resources and the local environment. 

 We focus much of our efforts on those from deprived communities and ecosystems, teaching them all aspects of permaculture and enabling them to make real positive change in their own lives and those of their community.

So whether you are looking to join one of our courses, become a member and help out for our free dig-ins, pledge land for the creation of a community garden or just read about what we are up to and maybe support our efforts by making a donation

All are welcome to Permaculture Kernow!

Or maybe you have already done a permaculture design course with us, 

if so, feel free to support us by giving your feed back on how you felt it went! 

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This is the final design presentation for three students of our Permaculture Design course. They are presenting a design for an educational community garden that we will be creating next to Millbrook school. It will act as a school educational garden for the children, and is also open to the community when the school is closed. After this presentation, the students will be awarded the permaculture design certificate.

We provide individuals with the opportunity come, learn and get involved, whether you’d like to attend a the whole Permaculture Design course, our short 3 day introduction to permaculture course or  any individual module,   click the link below to find out more! 

Learn about our mission,  the services we offer and how you can get involved.

 Meet the team!

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Membership is free and easy to create for yourself. You will be the first to hear about all our good news and upcoming events.

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