About Us

Permaculture Kernow is a newly formed community interest company . 

Our aims are: 

• to provide education in ecological regeneration of natural resources. 

• to empower individuals within communities to design, implement and maintain permaculture systems, so they can create a livelihood that is ecologically sound and economically profitable, for themselves and their families. 


“We believe we all have the power to be the change we’d like to see in our world and we at Permaculture Kernow help people and groups to achieve this, realising their own dreams of a brighter future for themselves, their community, their ecosystems and planet as a whole.” Joshua Gomez, Ecological solutions


Our Services

We offer a large range of courses  

  • One or two-day introductions on specific subjects (singular module) 
    • Full Permaculture Design Course  (Certificated) composed of 11 modules with extra practical sessions and an online self-study program
    • We can also tailor our courses to your requirements   

We also offer community garden / orchard design consultancies and practical workshops

Working closely with community members

  1. To create a design for the community garden (preferably as part of a course)
  2. To make a plan of the stages for implementation
  3. To teach the skills necessary for the laying down of the design (as practical workshops/workdays)
  4. To help with any problems encountered throughout the phases of implementation 
  5. To create a management and maintenance plan for the site and assign roles
  6. To advise in future development

About our Program


  • Permaculture ethics;
  • Approaches to design
  • Guiding principles of Permaculture
  • Biodiversity
  • Learning and study strategies
  • Pattern in design
  • Wilderness and wildlife
  • Evidence / why we need Permaculture.

Cultivated Ecology: 

  • Permanent pasture
  • Forest gardens
  • Horticultural techniques
  • No-till cultivation
  • Biological pest control.


  • Strategies for different climates
  • Microclimates; buildings and structures
  • Urban Permaculture
  • Appropriate technology
  • Waste reduction in the home and workplace
  • Energy efficient planning
  • Waste recycling and disposal.


  • What is Living Soil?
  • Soil regeneration techniques and soil conservation.

 Water in Landscape: 

  • What is living water?
  • Water conservation, collection and storage
  • Wastewater and sewage treatment
  • Aquaculture  

 Forests and Trees: 

  • Energy transactions of trees
  • Woodland establishment
  • Types of forest
  • Woodland management.

 Invisible Structures: 

  • Real wealth
  • Land access
  • Formal/informal economy
  • Community development strategies.

 Design Workshop: 

  • Design process and presentation skills
  • Maps and overlays; surveying
  • Project planning. 

We include a range of other relevant subjects and practical exercises which aim to give each student a tool kit of basic skills to get started with confidence.

This course will also provide opportunities for students to learn more about gardening, Eco building, Beekeeping, community living, herbalism and much more. 

Sylvie Gomez/Founder/Chair

Sylvie started the Permaculture Kernow Association as she could see a need to change the way we grow food and at the same time look after our planet. Sylvie has previously been involved in homelessness research and is at present volunteering with a Credit Union. Permaculture also involves how we treat each other and improve people's lives which is an aim close to her heart. Sylvie has a BSc Sociology, a MSc Social Research, is the Founder of Permaculture Kernow and an active community member


Joshua Gomez / Lead teacher

Joshua prefers the title of facilitator or educator rather than teacher, as he is more concerned with helping people to unlock their own passions and skills, enabling them to become educators of the things they are inspired by, through Permaculture. Founder of Eco Solutions. A registered educator for for the UK Permaculture Association, Joshua has been teaching Permaculture since 2011 and has accredited over 250 permaculture designers. Click his picture above for more information about him and Eco Solutions.

Claudia Diyani / Advisor

Claudia is our newest team member and she is very excited to be involved in this project. Now using her 15 years experience as a risk & compliance advisor in the pursuit of a good cause. She has been instrumental in the development of this website, our online course and all our publicity.

lubes pic

Linda Dunstone / Trainee teacher / Secretary

Since a young child Linda has been fascinated with the natural world. For the past 30 years she has gained great pleasure in watching seeds grow and growing her own vegetables as organically as possible and sharing in her local transition group. Permaculture feels totally right to her and she feels extremely fortunate at this critical time in history to be promoting a natural and beneficial course of action in her own community and further afield.