Permaculture Kernow has received it’s first funding.

Thank you to everyone that has helped Permaculture Kernow receive it’s first funding..

Permaculture Kernow has received it’s first funding from the National Lottery Awards For All.

Now that Permaculture Kernow has received it’s first funding, we are excited to be able to organise a series of events and the construction of our first community garden.

It is still to be confirmed, where this garden will be constructed. We will keep all our members informed every step of the way as things develop and unfold. 

So join us, host an event or even start a community garden in your area, plant abundance and who knows ,with a little help from us, anything could be possible!

How can you help?

We are currently looking for participants, members and pledges, so that we can make Permaculture Kernow’s aims into a reality.

Otherwise maybe you are interested in learning with us by participating in one of our courses or coming to help out on one of our work days 

 Would you be interested getting something started in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

High lights from our successful funding application

Permaculture Kernow is a newly formed Association with its main focus on the education of individuals,  including those from deprived communities and ecosystems, in all aspects of permaculture.

Our goal is to give these individuals the skills and knowledge necessary to create permaculture designs & implement projects within their community.

In time they can even create careers for themselves that are both ecologically sound and economically  profitable because they will regenerate the local ecosystems and create natural resource abundance at the same time.

The feasibility of achieving our aim of establishing strong permaculture groups has been demonstrated through 32 people signing up to become members within two communities, through doing talks and screening a permaculture film.

All of our work has been designed based on the feedback from pilot sessions which involved a total of 57 people. The regions we intend to focus upon are Cornwall and Devon. 

Here is some of the feedback we have received.

“As a mother, living on a low wage, (though working hard). I try to feed my family as healthily as I can but I can’t afford organic food. I gained so much from Permaculture Kernow’s  inspiring and educational talk. I would so appreciate some training and workshops. I’d love to help create a community garden, to grow more of our own foods.”

“Very informative and given ideas of small and easy things to do to get started. Liked the idea of using nature to turn the problem into the solution”

“Really interesting talk and looking forward to putting some of this into practice.”

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