Day 1 First Module: an Introduction to Permaculture

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kingfisher, bird, blueapple, orchard, apple treesbutterfly, animal, insectA one day introduction to permaculture. What do you get ?

  • over 6 hours of live online lessons,
  • an offline self study program for the module,
  • a list of suggested reading materials, and
  • all lesson slides and handouts,
  • plus a bonus ebook.

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Day 1 First Module: An Introduction to Permaculture

During this one day introduction to permaculture design, we take our first steps on our woodland journey, 

 folding back the leaves as we demystify permaculture and start to gain greater understanding of how mother nature functions:

  • How we can work with nature to create ecologically productive landscapes, social systems and infrastructure.
  • How to turn our impact on the earth from negative to positive, from destructive to regenerative as we rediscover our place of harmony with nature.

In this module we will give you an introduction to permaculture. You will learn about:

  • its history, its ethics and attitudinal principals,
  • how we can integrate it into all aspects of our life.
  • why permaculture is important at this time in our Evidence session.

We will also look at different learning strategies. 

 We will delve deeper into the wilderness, as we look at the importance and benefits of wildlife and what it has to teach us.

What do you get ?

Once you have purchased this item you will receive:

  • The live online teaching sessions,
  • A link to the module/s resources folder, with all lesson pdfs,
  • A List of suggested reading materials,
  • The after lesson self studies form,
  • A bonus ebook gift for each module.

For more information please check out our Course info page.

1 review for Day 1 First Module: an Introduction to Permaculture

  1. Zen

    Great content and teacher. A comfortable and productive atmosphere that allows and encourages everyone to learn and take part, no matter their level of knowledge in the subject.

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