Day 4 / fourth module Bio intensive permaculture


Day 4 / forth module

Bio intensive permaculture

What do you get ?

  • over 6 hours of live online lessons,
  • an offline self study program for the module,
  • a list of suggested reading materials, and
  • all lesson slides and handouts,
  • plus a bonus ebook.


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Day 4 / fourth module Bio-intensive Permaculture

Small is beautiful, and there is nothing more attractive and bio diverse than a bio-intensive garden. In this module we will look at: 

  • Permaculture Home kitchen gardening / zone 1
  • Urban permaculture
  • Guerrilla gardening
  • The urban eco-agronomists tool kit 
  • Insync with nature gardening.

Alongside this we will be discussing a wide range of topic such as: 

  • The advantages and disadvantages of the urban lifestyle
  • How to retrofit cities to become permaculture havens of wildlife and natural abundance
  • Community gardens 
  • And educational school kitchen gardens.


What do you get ?

Once you have purchased this item you will receive:

  • The live online teaching sessions,
  • A link to the module/s resources folder, with all lesson pdfs,
  • List of suggested reading materials,
  • The after lesson self studies form,
  • A bonus ebook gift for each module.

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