Full 11 day Permaculture Design Certificate Course

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What do you get ?

  • over 72 hours of live online lessons,
  • a offline self study program for each module,
  • a list of suggested reading materials,
  • all lesson slides and handouts,
  • plus a 11 bonus ebooks.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive:

  • the Permaculture Design Certificate.
  • And life time membership to Permaculture Kernow’s design team.

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Full 11 day Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Ever wanted to become a fully certificated permaculture designer? 

Here is your chance. With this over 72 hour live online course, plus over 25 hours of offline self study and practical exercises, you will get to know everything you need to know about permaculture design. 

Permaculture design course content:

  • Introductory: Permaculture ethics; approaches to design; guiding principles of Permaculture; biodiversity; learning and study strategies; pattern in design; wilderness and wildlife; evidence / why we need Permaculture.
  • Cultivated Ecology: Permanent pasture; forest gardens; horticultural techniques; no-till cultivation; biological pest control.
  • Climates: Strategies for different climates; microclimates; buildings and structures; urban Permaculture; appropriate technology; waste reduction; the home and workplace; energy efficient planning; waste recycling and disposal.
  • Soils: What is Living Soil?; Soil regeneration techniques and soil conservation.
  • Water in Landscape: What is living water?; water conservation, collection and storage; wastewater and sewage treatment; Aquaculture.
  • Forests and Trees: Energy transactions of trees; woodland establishment; types of forest; woodland management.
  • Invisible Structures: Real wealth; land access; formal/informal economy; community development strategies.
  • Design Workshop: Design process and presentation skills; maps and overlays; surveying; project planning.
  • And much, much more.

Upon completion of all 11 days of live online sessions, the self study program and your final design, you will graduate and receive the internationally recognised permaculture design certificate from the uk permaculture association.

Once you have purchased this item you will receive:

  • A notification (within 24h) of your booking onto the live online teaching sessions that complement this module/s and the option of when you would like to attend.

After each session you will also receive:

  • A link to the module/s resources folder, with all lesson pdfs,
  • List of suggested reading materials,
  • The after lesson self studies form,
  • A bonus ebook gift for each module.

  For more information please check out our Course info page.

To read up on what is covered on each module follow the links below..

Module 1: An Introduction to Permaculture 

Module 2: Permaculture Methods of design

Module 3: Pattens in Nature and in Design 

Module 4: Bio Intensive Permaculture 

Module 5: Permaculture Food Forest Gardening

Module 6: Permaculture Living soils

Module 7: Permaculture Living water

Module 8: Permaculture  Animal Systems 

Module 9: Permaculture People

Module 10: Permaculture  Designer’s Preparation

Module 11: Permaculture Design presentations and accreditation 


16 reviews for Full 11 day Permaculture Design Certificate Course

  1. Dawn Johnson

    This course has given me the confidence to try and experiment with different ideas and an understanding of how interconnected everything is on our planet.

  2. Linda Dunstone

    I have felt inspired by Josh and Permaculture Kernow to implement many permaculture methods into my garden and daily life. The design course has been beneficial on many levels and I can completely recommend this course to experienced and novice gardeners.

  3. Deb Hoskin

    Over the years, I have read some books, heard some talks, mainly learnt to ‘garden’ by observing nature ( of which we are a part) and trying with care to copy how nature does it! I have taken some of Josh’s ( Permaculture Kernow) courses, as they fitted in with my life, if I could I would have taken them all, but in time I can. These have helped to bring my odd bits of knowledge together, widened my experience and enthused me deeply. Josh, I found, embeds the 3 principles; Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share, in everything he teaches and does. Importantly he teaches us to find our own way, and learns from us students too. With his vast knowledge and care, this course is for anyone at any level.

  4. Nicoleta Dobrin

    I did the course in Portugal with Joshua.
    I initially joined out of curiosity, but the course propelled me to a new world, I discovered a very efficient and respectful way to work with nature.
    I’ve learned many practical skills. Joshua has a full experience to share, he is humble and teaches with passion and respect for nature. The course was very inspiring. Although I didn’t continue with the permaculture design right after, I went back from time to time to what I’ve learned and put some ideas in practice. The new solid perspective stayed with me. Just recently I felt the need to reconnect with all that and I’ve found extremely helpful all the documents, resources and files that Joshua has shared with us, in order to be accessed when needed

  5. Nick

    I studied with Josh in Portugal. Until then, I had no experience of Permaculture, just some experience of gardening. It was a great course, it led me to change the whole way I thought about things, the way I organized my thinking and my actions changed. The teaching style made a mark on me as well. They brought a balance and charm lent from their experience in the circus world. Josh is “good people”, too. I would recommend it!

  6. Nigel Green

    Josh led two pdc ,s with us at Corga da perrira Portugal in 2013 and 2014 . Josh is a very knowledgeable ,passionate, teacher with lots of experience under his belt, i would fully recommend this course to anyone wishing to make some changes for the good of us all, the planet and the future

  7. Jeroen Boss

    I’ve had the privilege to participate in a PDC in Portugal with Josh. It was a 6-weekend course, with the option of staying for practicals on the week days. I went for the intensive option and stayed for the full 6 weeks at the farm. It was an incredible opportunity to soak up the knowledge and skills of Josh and I went home with full confidence to design and implement my own systems. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get serious about caring for/working with nature while providing for yourself.

  8. Walter de Rooij

    Although I’ve been interested in Permaculture for years I’ve never actually gone and done the full PDC. When I finally did decide to do that, most regular PDC courses had been postponed because of Covid-19. So I decided to take an the online course with Permaculture Kernow instead. And I have to say, it exceeded my expectations.

    I expected prerecorded classes but instead Joshua of Permaculture Kernow teaches the classes in person. This means we still get real-time feedback and instant answers to specific questions. Aside from that there are still group exercises with the other students (although obviously a bit different than in person) which helps create a more stimulating learning environment.

    All in all I recommend the course to anybody interested learning more about Permaculture in general as well as anybody who can’t do an in person course and has to do an online course instead.

  9. Lucie Batten (verified owner)

    I have long been into the concepts of permaculture, but with no idea of how to really apply it. This course not only taught me how to implement permaculture in my everyday life and little backyard, but also inspired me to change my life drastically and start a farm in Spain. Joshua is an outstanding teacher, always willing to help and answer questions, and provides us with multiple resources to deepen knowledge on any mentioned topic. I certainly recommend this course for both novices (like me) or even experienced gardeners, because there is so much to learn.

  10. Tracey Fenner (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this PD course with Joshua. It gives a beautiful framework into all aspects of Permaculture and to the importance of us all doing our bit to care for the earth. Many times during the course the reality of what is happening to the planet is alarming to listen to but it is also inspiring to learn of all the amazing pioneers out there doing their part. Everyone should do this course. Thank you Joshua.

  11. Rachael (verified owner)

    I have been interested in Permaculture for a while but didn’t think I’d be able to attend a PDC because of family commitments. Taking the course online was surprisingly enjoyable – having live lectures & discussions works really well and there is time between modules to absorb the information and work on assignments. It also enables the student to apply the principles to their own property, while learning. I found Joshua’s teaching style to be really inspirational – he has a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge and is very positive in his outlook. I’m pretty quick to leave courses if I don’t think they are useful or worth the money. This was more than worth the money and I never felt like giving up – each module was really interesting and useful.

  12. Camille Poureau (verified owner)

    Thanks again a lot for these beautiful 11 modules, it’s been rich, inspiring, fun, encouraging, surprising… he list is long and all positive.

  13. Emma A (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the course. I really enjoyed my time on the Permaculture course. I found the content informative, innovative and enlightening and the classes inspiring.

  14. Zoe Bullivant (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for such an inspiring, hopeful, informative and all round brilliant course, I have loved absolutely every minute of it and am really grateful of everything you’ve done. You’ve added so much to my life and I can’t thank you enough.

  15. Antonio Azzarone (verified owner)

    I would like to thank you for all the energy you put into teaching and how amazing my journey has been thanks to you. I really find myself inspire from your life and past experiences. Thanks to all your tips and suggestion I will definitely spread the seeds you pass to me and share it with the same passion you have into teaching us to the rest of the world.

  16. Anne marshall (verified owner)


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