Full 21 Evening Permaculture Design Certificate Course


What do you get ?

  • over 72 hours of live online lessons,
  • a offline self study program for each module,
  • a list of suggested reading materials,
  • all lesson slides and handouts,
  • plus a 11 bonus ebooks.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive:

  • the Permaculture Design Certificate.
  • And life time membership to Permaculture Kernow’s design team.

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Full 21 Evening Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Ever wanted to become a fully certificated permaculture designer? 

Here is your chance. With this over 72 hour live online course, plus over 25 hours of offline self study and practical exercises, you will get to know everything you need to know about permaculture design. 

Permaculture design course content:

  • Introductory: Permaculture ethics; approaches to design; guiding principles of Permaculture; biodiversity; learning and study strategies; pattern in design; wilderness and wildlife; evidence / why we need Permaculture.
  • Cultivated Ecology: Permanent pasture; forest gardens; horticultural techniques; no-till cultivation; biological pest control.
  • Climates: Strategies for different climates; microclimates; buildings and structures; urban Permaculture; appropriate technology; waste reduction; the home and workplace; energy efficient planning; waste recycling and disposal.
  • Soils: What is Living Soil?; Soil regeneration techniques and soil conservation.
  • Water in Landscape: What is living water?; water conservation, collection and storage; wastewater and sewage treatment; Aquaculture.
  • Forests and Trees: Energy transactions of trees; woodland establishment; types of forest; woodland management.
  • Invisible Structures: Real wealth; land access; formal/informal economy; community development strategies.
  • Design Workshop: Design process and presentation skills; maps and overlays; surveying; project planning.
  • And much, much more.

Upon completion of all 21 evenings of live online sessions, the self study program and your final design, you will graduate and receive the internationally recognised permaculture design certificate from the uk permaculture association.

Once you have purchased this item you will receive:

  • A notification (within 24h) of your booking onto the live online teaching sessions that complement this module/s and the option of when you would like to attend.

After each session you will also receive:

  • A link to the module/s resources folder, with all lesson pdfs,
  • List of suggested reading materials,
  • The after lesson self studies form,
  • A bonus ebook gift for each module.

  For more information please check out our Course info page.

To read up on what is covered on each module follow the links below..

Module 1: An Introduction to Permaculture 

Module 2: Permaculture Methods of design

Module 3: Pattens in Nature and in Design 

Module 4: Bio Intensive Permaculture 

Module 5: Permaculture Food Forest Gardening

Module 6: Permaculture Living soils

Module 7: Permaculture Living water

Module 8: Permaculture  Animal Systems 

Module 9: Permaculture People

Module 10: Permaculture  Designer’s Preparation

Module 11: Permaculture Design presentations and accreditation 



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